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At Unico, we envision a world where every surface tells a unique story, where the artistry of handcrafted finishes brings character and elegance to every interior. We aspire to craft surfaces that inspire, captivate and elevate your space.

Unico was founded by Daniel Sheppard in 2018, in Scotland. Starting my journey as an apprentice plasterer in 2009 then venturing on my own working self employed from 2014 onwards I wanted to expand my skillset and delve into high end specialist finishes. After coming across venetian plastering on social media and seeing what could be achieved with these materials I booked my first introductory training course and from then on I have been on a total of 8 courses including masterclasses with Nahue Mirabal from Argentina & training in Italy with Arte Style. 




Elevate your living spaces with our expert Venetian plastering services. At Unico, we specialize in the intricate art of Venetian plaster, an age-old technique that transforms walls and surfaces into works of art. Our skilled artisans meticulously apply layers of natural plaster, creating a seamless, luxurious finish. Whether you seek a silky smooth surface or a textured masterpiece, our Venetian plastering services bring timeless elegance and sophistication to your home or business. Discover the beauty of this ancient Italian craft with Unico.



Unveil a world of modern design possibilities with our Microcement services. At Unico, we specialize in harnessing the versatility of Microcement to redefine your interiors. This innovative material allows us to create seamless surfaces with an industrial edge, making it perfect for floors, walls, countertops, and more. Our expert craftsmen bring precision and style to every project, ensuring a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that suits your unique vision. 



Discover the beauty and durability of Spray Granite with Unico. Our Spray Granite services offer a cutting-edge solution for transforming surfaces into stunning masterpieces. We utilize advanced techniques to apply a durable, granite-like finish to various surfaces, from countertops to walls and beyond. The result is a luxurious, natural stone appearance without the weight and cost of traditional granite. Elevate your spaces with the elegance of Spray Granite, meticulously crafted by our skilled professionals.



Experience the organic beauty of Clay Plaster with Unico. Our Clay Plaster services bring a touch of nature to your interiors, creating harmonious and sustainable spaces. This eco-friendly material, made from natural clay, offers a warm, earthy aesthetic that’s both timeless and environmentally responsible. Our skilled artisans expertly apply clay plaster to walls, ceilings, and more, providing not only a stunning visual appeal but also improved indoor air quality. Choose Clay Plaster for a healthy, natural, and inviting atmosphere.


Distances doesn’t stop us when it comes to premium surfaces. We may be based in Scotland, but we have a vast portfolio across the entire UK and also have a global vision of transforming surfaces.

Want us to come overseas? All you have to do is ask!

"As an interior designer, I always look to establish trustful partnership with different trades and service providers. Daniel from UNICO Venetian is one of such contacts that I can rely on. I worked with him on few projects, and myself and my clients were happy with the quality of his work. He is highly skilled, professional and provides excellent customer service. He has a vast knowledge of products and always provides detailed information about the process and types of applications." - ZP Pinkerton
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